Friday, September 4, 2009

Bring on the white

The upcoming holiday provides a good excuse to explain the title of my blog (as well an excuse to eat multiple hot dogs and mayonnaise laced salads for 3 days, despite my size 2 wedding dress that needs to be worn in 22 days).

My best friend Jackie had her bridal shower in July (while I was elbow deep in bar studying), and I am her maid of honor. At the event, we were all asked to write some words of wisdom for the bride to be. (I'm sure you can imagine the advice that was doled out, 'never go to sleep angry', 'communicate', 'say I love you often', the usual.) Not one for public displays of emotion (unless we're talking about college and there's tequila involved) my words for Jackie were wise, but more practical than ardent. I wrote "Don't listen to those who tell you not to wear white after labor day. Love, just like fashion, is best when you make your own rules." Short, simple, to the point, right? Well, after my card was read no less than 10 people approached me to compliment my quote, and ask where I found it. (Am I to be flattered? offended?) I explained they were in fact my own words, and nothing I considered to be masterfully articulate or spellbinding. But if so many middle aged woman loved it on a Sunday afternoon over tea and scones, I figured it would do well as the headline for a new blog. And here I am.

A word as the the substance of my 'wisdom': You truly should wear white after labor day. White jeans are a seasonless staple that should greet you when you open your closet like 'good friends', in the words of Diane von Furstenberg. They are offered by brands like Seven all year long (though I do not eulogize spending $200 on a pair, there is an abundant supply lining the sale racks at this time of year since apparently, not everyone has heard my words of wisdom.) So break out the white, and never stash it away in the depths of the wardrobe as a 'Summer' item. (White shoes are another story, I detest white shoes, before labor day as well as after it. My wedding shoes are not event white. But again, that's just me. Wear what you love.) Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. Once I learn to stop spilling, I will buy a pair of white jeans!

  2. Bouncing off what Rebecca said, proceed with caution about wearing white while riding on the subway.

  3. you should Scotchguard your white pants, you spray on to lighter clothing and it repels stains and lasts through washings. White jeans are the best!

  4. very wise words, I may take some inspiration for my upcoming wedding toast. Personality is the best way to go.

  5. I was so afraid of white for years! But really with bleach, white is a lot easier to wear than any other light color. About 2 years ago, in September, I tripped in the street, ripped thru my white jeans. The gash on my leg was so big, that everyone asked about it, and of course when telling the story, I always emphasized my torn jeans. Every single person, stopped worrying about the cut, and asked, "You were wearing white after labor day??" YES I was wearing white, that rule is so outdated!! I still have a scar from the event, BUT, my pants survived, and actually are fabulous right now since distressed denim is in!


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