Monday, September 14, 2009

To pack or not to pack?

12 days away from my wedding, and 14 days away from my honeymoon, I have begun the immense task of packing. (Dreaded for some, but actually quite pleasurable for me). For 7 days my Fiance and I are going to Bermuda and staying at the Reefs, taking advantage of the special 'romance package'. We will be spending our days between the beach and the infinity pool, and our nights among the several restaurants located on the premises (one of which offers beach-side dining where you actually sit at tables in the sand at the water's edge. Obviously no Manolos are to be worn that night).

But the age old question when preparing for a glorious vacation is, what to pack? Always sure to check dress code suggestions, I dread nothing more then having the wrong clothing for an occasion. (I also have the chore of packing my Fiance's bags since he worked all weekend and won't have a day off until our wedding). 'Jacket recommended' means he will feel like a fish out of water in a polo shirt. Silence on dress code means he can get away with his famous green pants (which, you can be sure, are packed in the very top of his suitcase.) Women have it the easiest for vacation dining. 5 new jersey dresses in a variety of prints, colors and silhouettes will get me fashionably through all our meals (plus jersey doesn't wrinkle so I can roll them up in some tissue and not worry about the less than agile Jet Blue employees who will no doubt shove, cram and assault our luggage.)

For beach days, I rely on a large straw hat (tans which cause wrinkles are never in style), several new, brightly colored J.Crew bathing suits, and a cute linen tunic for modesty on the commute down on the trolley. Not one for over packing, I plan to re-wear several key pieces. (I'm sure I seem like one who would appear at the airport with an entourage of suitcases, and then cause an inevitable scene when I was told I could only have one bag, but really I'm a minimalist when traveling).

Our adorable canvas red and white monogrammed bags are all ready to go, stuffed like proud turkeys, waiting by the door!


  1. Whatever you do, don't forget your underwear. I have managed to do that on several occasions. Pack it now!

  2. I'm so happy to have an efficient packer!

  3. I love jersey dresses for vacay, they are always appropriate no matter what the dresscode. Always better to be over dressed than under dressed aswell.


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