Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bringing back 'evening'

When was the last time you got really dressed up? Probably for a friend's wedding, guided by the time of day and location. But what about dinner out with your friends? Or happy hour cocktails with a cute boy? There are abundant opportunities to dress to the nines that people never take advantage of. This absence of glamor was cleverly referred to in September Issue as a 'famine of beauty'. Really, it is a famine of sorts. When the economy is dipping low, what better way to lift the spirits than by donning a cocktail dress and heels instead of denim and cotton? (It is called a cocktail dress for a reason).

This Saturday my Fiance and I had a date night night at a local bistro and wine bar. While I must admit I wore denim, I also wore a silk blouse and heels (and managed to walk 12 blocks there and another 12 blocks home without a single groan). But all around us was a sea of mediocrity, and calling it that is me being kind. I saw poly-blend everywhere I looked, sneakers, nylon parkas, and, sin of all sins, baseball caps at dinner tables (my Dad has been known to reach over to a fellow diner and forcibly remove his baseball cap). When our caprese salads arrived, I had to be nudged under the table to attend to the deliciously delicate tomato and mozzarella on my plate and turn away from the horror show all around. Our waiter in his crisp white shirt and black tie was the best dressed one I could find.

There were the days of my youth, when I would dine out with my parents and gaze longingly at adults in their silk frocks, lace, patent pumps and jewels. I would help my Mother pick out the perfect sapphire tone tank to top off a pair of satiny smooth slacks (of course now when we go out I chose my Mother's head to toe look, and often request that she change if she tries to chose on her own).

I bemoan the loss of elegance that has come with our generation of human apathy and Internet emotion. But I will make more effort to get use out of my cute dresses and pumps, and to rediscover those ensembles in the back of the closet reserved for 'special events.' Everyday should be a special event after all!


  1. The leggings cum Ugg boots combination seen everywhere around our neighborhood during the winter months is the most obvious manifestation of this phenomenon.

  2. and people wearing sweatpants around town has got to go

  3. What about evenings at the theater? Very few people dress up for the theater anymore!


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