Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy New Year! aka September 1st

In celebration of September 1st, a little montage of a few of my favorite images of the Fall season to get everyone as excited for the upcoming months as I am.

Neutral hues are extremely wearable and approachable, even for the fashion faint of heart. And who wouldn't love to frolic in fallen leaves, circa second grade playtime? The sight alone sends fondly reminiscent chills down my neck (which is clothed with my luscious new scarf). Plaid shirts are huge for men and women alike (I actually bought an
extra small men's version and plan to rock it with straight
jeans and heels.) When feeling super feminine, I love to add
exotic heels to a pair of jeans (of course assuming we are
taking cabs that night and not actually walking anywhere.) A
foolproof ensemble for anyone is the classic blazer and jeans,
made fresh for '09 with navy and a floral scarf for color.

Get excited!


  1. Question for the fashionista: What color skin tones will look good in the mustard yellow in the Vogue photograph? I like yellow, but often hesistate. I am fair-skinned with brown eyes and hair.

  2. I have a non-fashion related comment. You mentioned playing in the leaves as a fond memory of yours of the fall season. I vote for apple cider as the one number one thing that makes me reminisce of fall (in addition to college football of course).

  3. To answer the above question about skin tone, you'd be surprised, but really all tones look good in yellow. As opposed to reds (which come in blue and orange bases, and look good only on certain complexions, dependng on which type of red you are choosing), yellows really are universal. A mustard yellow is probably best on olive skin, while a paler, brighter yellow is best on more fair skin. I too am pretty fair with medium brown hair and hazel green eyes, and I like to wear all shades of yellow. Hope that helps!


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