Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall is in the air

Ahhhh, the soft breeze that gives birth to small, pleasing goose bumps on bare skin at 8:30am. The first glimpse of fall 2009 graced the city air today, and ushered in copious amount of cozy, cool weather fashions. What better way to celebrate a crisp, end of summer day than with another viewing of September Issue? This time I went with Rebecca, since I knew she would appreciate the film.

Of course no trip uptown is complete without a stop at Bloomingdales (home of my wedding registry, among other divine treasures). Inspired by the 70 degree day, I had to find a deliciously dense yet light as air scarf (a huge hit for fall, offered in various patterns, colors and price ranges for all). A few of my very favorites were simply too expensive for my impulsive urge to have one. This beautiful print is reminiscent of Missoni, and acts as a neutral against a bountiful selections of colored jackets. This muted arrangement of cream and taupe evokes animal print, another fall trend. But my very favorite, and winner of the ultimate prize of purchase, was this knit, which coordinates with many of my blazers (and most importantly was priced south of $100!).

A hopeful glance at the weather report revealed my fall bliss will be short lived, for the thermometer is supposed to rise to 80 again this weekend (rosy news for some, but not for fall fashion lunatics such as myself). But fret not, September is upon us!


  1. I hope this fall weather continues! I'm sick of wearing my boring khaki uniform everyday!

  2. Fall fashion really is addictive


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