Wednesday, August 5, 2009

True 'Luxury'

First a side note: I am not into, nor good at technology. I do not know much about computers, I do not use 'Twitter' (and am not entirely sure what it actually is). Fancy fonts, URLs, and enhanced blog details are all beyond me. This blog is my first experience with the Internet outside of Facebook (and my friend from college set that account up for me when it first came out since I couldn't even do that much). I'm also bad at typing, capitalization, and punctuation (unless I'm writing a legal brief when I have the fear of God in me to get it perfect.)

Ok back to the present. It is sometimes funny to me when people, even friends of mine, assume my dream job would be working in some capacity for Prada, Burberry, Gucci, or the like. I think people often equate luxury goods with a sort of elusive and awe inspiring sense of desire. (Not that I don't desire luxury goods, in addition to an ample collection of Louis, Prada, and Dior bags, my Fiance has been told no less than 50 times that I want the classic black quilted iconic Chanel bag as soon as he can humanly afford to buy it for me.) But my idea of luxury is not necessarily synonymous with reverence.

I think a better word to describe my ideal fashion job would be accessibility. The ability to impact the clothing that my friends and family live their lives in seems like a greater achievement than landing a job at a luxury fashion house. Not too different from the legal sphere, where first year associates land coveted positions with prestigious law firms, yet spend little time doing actually 'law'. They are instead busied with the famous 'document review' and endless tasks which often have them asking themselves, "did I really need to go to law school to do this?" I've actually had friends leave the practice of law altogether after several years at such firms. (Then, of course, there is me, who on some days asks, "did I really need to go to law school to do this?", while I am watching Bravo, reading Vogue, and trying to decide what kind of job I could stand doing everyday.)

My ideal job would probably be at a company where the average woman shops, or at a magazine that every woman reads. (That law degree could come in handy!) I still recognize the pieces I had a hand in bringing to the floor while working as an assistant buyer after college. My Fiance politely smiles as if he cares every time I squeal at the sight of Ann Taylor top, name the print and then the season, retail price, and average units sales for the item. (And I'll remind you this job was from 2004-2006, a testament to my fabulous memory, for fashion anyway.) Catering to celebrity is certainly glamorous, but catering to people who wear your clothes, love your clothes, and get out bed in the morning feeling good about themselves because of your clothes, is true luxury.

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