Thursday, August 27, 2009

Personal touches are always in style

Another example of why I believe I should have been born perhaps in the earlier part of the 20th century (besides my passion for flapper dresses and mufflers) is my steadfast reliance and obsession with stationary. I can't think of a more personal, elegant, or sumptuous way to express your exclusive style than with beautiful paper products. My best friend Rebecca has always loved fine stationary, an adoration she was taught by her father who still writes her long, handwritten expressions (he writes in French, but us monolinguals can use plain English). It is a seasonal time to mention the beauty of stationary, since the end of summer often brings long weekends away with friends, hosting and being hosted.

A sometimes perplexing issue is what to bring as a give for your host. Though my experience is limited to finding a gift for my good friend's parents when they allow us to frequent their home in East Hampton, I have a whole plethora of gifts just waiting for deserving hosts (anyone want to be the first?) The classics are always a safe choice (bottle of wine, organic fruit basket, Godiva assortment) but old fashioned, personalized options are even better. Who wouldn't love a box of Kate Spade stationary? (Since being bought by Liz Claiborne in November of 2006, the brand has expanded its offerings yet retained the vintage feel that, for me, makes Kate Spade so compelling.) There are many note sets that are very affordable, though look much more expensive (they come in as many patterns as the new J.Crew cardigans, think leopard!). One of the most exciting parts of my wedding planning was choosing the invitations and the cocktail napkins. (Though I'm ecstatic about the ceremony, I really can't wait to have a glass of champagne served to me with the Crane monogrammed cocktail napkins I chose with painstaking detail. Priorities.)

After any event (interview, dinner party, housewarming) sending a handwritten thank you is a classic move that has transcended the more apathetic trends brought on by the Internet (and facebook) generation. I always have a package of personalized note cards on hand for the spontaneous dinner party (or job interview...although unfortunately none of the latter as of yet.) I'll have to start learning how to sign my new last name pretty soon!


  1. Actually, I've always been a fan of personal stationery, and have been meaning (for several years now, unfortunately) to find a design that I liked and buy it in bulk...

  2. I'd like to buy some stationary too. I want to be old school like Rebecca's dad. But, I would need to seriously improve my handwriting!

  3. I love the mail! I say go buy some beautiful stationary and go write a letter! Not only is that a wonderful moment for reflection, it will also help our US Postal Service that is currently going bankrupt!!!!!


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