Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding Style

My 3 least favorite questions when someone learns I'm getting married this fall: "Whose your band?", "Whose your florist?", and "Who are you wearing?". Names in the wedding world mean nothing to me. In most areas of my life, I decide on something I am in love with, then I look at the price, and finally at the label. Your personal style should shine through on your wedding day. Much to my Maid of Honor's chagrin, I shy away from those mores rooted in tradition which happen to survive to this day only due to fear of individuality or criticism (both equally terrifying for the average bride).

We chose Oheka Castle for the ceremony and reception because of the sheer awe we both felt the first time we walked into the library room. My Fiance, a history buff (and avid fan of CSPAN and BookTV, perhaps the only such fan you've ever known to exist), also loved the story behind Oheka. Being 'sold' on a wedding venue based on its ample supply of old books and oil paintings may seem odd, but I believe that's an instance of how the best decisions are made.

I have never heard of the designer of my wedding dress, which I found after trying on only a handful of gowns at the famous Kleinfelds from TLC's Say Yes To The Dress. (No link, since my Fiance regularly reads my blog, thanks honey). I'm pairing the sleek, simple, Grecian inspired dress with very 'non-bridal' silver shoes (either the sandals or the peep toes both currently in my closet, can't make up my mind just yet.) My hair will be worn in a low, simple bun that takes about 20 minutes to construct. (At my hair trial, the stylist was quite confused at my request for this look, and even more perplexed as to what she should do with the remaining 90 minutes leftover in our appointment slot.)

Our band and florist are are locals from my hometown. Our invitations came from the same store that made my invitations 20 years ago when I received my First Communion. My bridesmaids (3 girls I've known nearly 20 years) are wearing black, floor length gowns of their own choosing from any place they desire (Rebecca's happens to be from Paris, a score for her while teaching in France for the past 9 months). Matching dresses for 3 girls with completely different styles, silhouettes and spirits just doesn't vibe with me. (No offensive to any brides who have already chosen matching dresses, several of which I'll be sporting in the upcoming wedding season. I know how to be a loyal bridesmaid and will wear my dress with a smile.)

Six weeks from now, on September 26th, I will walk down the aisle to marry my favorite person in the world (besides my mother), looking exactly like myself (on the days I actually wear foundation and heels). That's my perfect wedding style.

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