Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Finds

In a whirlwind of family and friend discount coupons, I've narrowed down my fall '09 favorites. After a busy week of wedding planning, my Fiance and I found time to shop the stores and came home with the BEST new finds. I think that buying fall clothes (combined with finding some amazing things on sale) is the single most exciting thing I can do. (Does that make me shallow? Jury is still out). A sampling of my favorites include these peep toe ankle booties (30% off with friends and family coupon, exhilarating!), a classic yet modern boyfriend blazer, this chunky necklace, a great dress for day or evening (30% off with friends and family coupon, again, exhilaration) and the absolute PERFECT cashmere cardigan in heather gray. I was also thrilled by snagging one of the last amazing Theory wide belts in my size, on sale, to wear with the aforementioned dress and cardigan.

A note about the absence of new jeans from the aforementioned items: I am OVER buying jeans that cost $200. I know from my days as an assistant buyer that all denim comes from basically 2 places in the world, all costing the same price to produce. Once the tag jumped out of the $170 range, I could no longer justify the price for another pair. (Not to mention there are currently 27 pairs in all my closets.) So I decided that my wardrobe did not need another pair of jeans for the fall (maturity in my post law school life?)

Another side note: You'll be happy to know that Tom broke out the green pants today, without any prodding from me!

If Tim can teach me about hyperlinks and pictures, perhaps I can easily post these images and you can understand fall shopping's inexplicable, yet madly intense power.

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