Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid-Week Shopping Spree

I've mentioned this before, but I am very much over the price of designer jeans. I cannot pinpoint the exact moment this occurred, but I can tell you my last purchase of such a pair was in August of 2008, with my trusted college roommate (and fellow Long Island born, current NYC resident) in tow.

Come fall, I always like to update my closet with a fresh pair of jeans, in whichever style I am currently obsessed with (I over use this word, yes.) This fall, as I perused the racks at Bloomingdales, Neimans, and National Jean I became increasingly disgusted and finally gave up. My longtime loves have left me high and dry. Like an old boyfriend, these faithful companions have disappointed and failed to deliver. $245 for a pair of jeans that I swear I already own from 4 years ago, updated with a mere pocket stitch? I do not think so.

The current range for a pair of Seven Jeans is $155 all the way up to $275, with the majority hovering around $198 (which of course amounts to a figure north of $200 when you add tax.) Enough is enough. Lucky for us, denim has been a focus for many affordable labels this fall. Gap has an entire campaign headed by designer Patrick Robinson that has been in the works for over a year. Ranging in price from $59 to $69 (and currently offering $20 off any denim purchase in store), these jeans are quite something. On a rare day off, my Fiance accompanied me to our local Gap where I tried on most of the styles and even convinced him to buy a new pair as well ($20 off! How could he resist?). The fits are great (though I found they ran a tad on the large side), and I am one picky denim consumer. Another great denim source for fall is Ann Taylor Loft. Offering styles in all the newest (and yet still classic) cuts at prices from $49 to $69, I could not resist a pair of these, which one me, come just to the top of my foot and look perfect with peep toe ankle booties. (Never to be outdone by the competition, Loft too is offering $20 off all denim for a limited time.)

J.Crew too has some great new pairs, but the price tags are a tad higher there. Prices hovering closer to $100 are still a nice alternative to the designer denim. At J.Crew, I recommend the Matchstick cut, which is straight but not skinny. (Skinny is not for everyone, so take a good, honest look in the mirror before taking the plunge and buying a pair.) Wait a few weeks, I am sure you can snag a pair for $59, which is how I've bought the 3 pairs in all shades of blue currently in my closet.

Do not let the astronomical denim price tags discourage you from finding a great new pair of jeans for fall. Fabulous finds are out there! Now if I can just get my Fiance to wear his new jeans instead of his usual uniform khakis, we're in business.

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