Friday, August 28, 2009

Doing my part

Always to be counted on in a shopping conundrum, when the situation involves a stranger I of course make no exception. While shopping in South Street Seaport yesterday afternoon, I obviously found my way into an Ann Taylor. (My newfangled awe of their fall 09 collection created by new head designer Lisa Axelson has not worn off yet.) After browsing the full price selections (I can't justify full price until I have that pesky little job nailed down), I finally found the sale section upstairs. Excited by the abundance of silk sleeves and ruffles that protruded from the racks in the distance, I quickly descended upon the vicinity.

While carefully thumbing through the hangers in my my size, another girl, a tad older than myself, approached the rack with some trepidation. She had a shopping companion in tow, but unfortunately, her chosen partner was of no help to the girl. "I don't know, could I really wear this? I mean, it's on sale for $49, from $145", the girl implored her friend as she held up a dolman sleeve, loose cut, silk patterned frock. The friend's blank stare grew into a skeptical frown, which then turned into a full out grimace. "I don't think so, its all...floppy," the unhelpful (and very mistaken) friend retorted with a curled lip and wrinkled nose. With a quick once over of the girl, I immediately assessed her ability to pull off the silk dress with ease. Seldom shy, I made eye contact with the girl. "I have that dress, it looks fabulous with a belt. Gives it shape so it's not so scary," I reassured her. She then asked me what type of belt. Always doing my part, I led her to the belt section where we chose an appropriately wide black belt with subtle buckle. The girl thanked me (her companion just stood a few feet behind us looking bored and useless) and made her way to the register. I don't even charge commission!


  1. It's a good thing you don't charge commission or else I would be poor!

  2. Hey, it's Ria...I've heart the new AT!!! I have bought a ton of stuff from there lately...never thought that day would come when I'd go crazy in that store. The new Ann is sassy and fab! I am in love with their subtle platform patent heel. My bschool budget does not allow me to buy things FP. Must wait for NFP! :) Early congrats to you xox


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