Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Style never sleeps

I think we conceive our schemes of style from a very young age. I remember seeing my grandmother (even on the most mundane day when she wasn’t leaving the house) in a chic, loose knit, dolman sleeve top and fitted knit pants with ballet flats. My mother wore a silk kimono sleeve robe on those rare mornings when she was in the house past 7 am. When I was in charge of folding laundry (I had to earn my allowance in elementary school as to learn money does not grow on trees) I would carefully crease and smooth out her satin nightshirts.

It is from these women that I learned early on that personal style permeates all aspects of life. As I prepare to became a wife, I told my Fiance that I was giving up wearing his boxer shorts and old college t-shirts to bed, and was instead opting for conservative, yet cute, cotton blend nightgowns. The concept of ‘dressing for bed’ and pajamas dates back to the 1800’s and is hardly novel. But the increase in accessible lounge wear in the later 1900’s enables women everywhere to experience the luxury of always looking their best (even when home alone on the couch with a pint of low fat Ben and Jerry’s yogurt.) The conception that comfort equates with elastic waistbands and amorphous smocks is simply incorrect. A light, airy nightshirt is pure comfort and pure style in one neat package. So next time you reach for your significant other's t-shirt, opt instead for a feminine lounge piece and see how much better you feel. Style never sleeps!

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  1. Currently selecting 1 of 3 new Calvin Klein nightgowns to pack....


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