Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wish list

Though Christmas is several months in the distance, it never hurts to be prepared. (Not to mention once the stores set their fall floors in their entirety, I am reminded of how many things I crave, but sadly cannot buy myself.) Many women, like my mother, love jewelery. I of course admire the beauty of a precious stone strung from a platinum chain as much as the next female, but my obsession rarely targets such ornaments. Instead I fixate on bags, with the occasional pair of to-die-for shoes thrown into the mix.

This year, in the spirit of maturity (an attempt at least) I have expanded my list to include many work staples for the elusive job I am preparing to land one of these days. I must start with the same item I've craved for over a decade, but never actually 'asked' for: the classic Chanel quilted shoulder bag, of course. No outfit could be completed in any finer a fashion than with the pairing of this iconic purse. Moving on to items I may actually receive this year, there is this Ann Taylor Loft cropped jacket in brown leather (I am rarely a fan of leather, but something about the supple grace of this jacket when I put it over my shoulders made me feel like I could do anything). I adore these Cole Haan knee high riding boots, paired with straight jeans and cardigans. (Another quirk I have: I simply cannot wear, or stand the sight of, knee high boots with heels. Odd, I know, but I truly can't look at a pair without thinking of streetwalkers or Halloween in college. Some things just cannot be explained.) This cashmere sweater by Theory can be worn with a pencil skirt or boyfriend jeans, and will look just as refined, yet edgy, with either.

One of the most important articles you wear all season long is a coat. That may sound counterintuitive, since a coat merely tops off an outfit while you scurry from one location to another, but it's the one piece that is always visible to the masses during the colder months. I am infatuated with this long wool lady coat from J.crew in bright cobalt (to wear with either a red scarf or the classic Burberry Nova scarf). Inspirational credit must be given to Rebecca who has had a red J.crew lady coat since high school. (Always give credit where its due, a paramount rule of fashion!) Don't let the calendar discourage you, it's always fun to make a wish list for when the time is right.


  1. I love those Cole Haan boots! Riding boots have been popular for so many years, us horseback riders should feel flattered.

  2. Who's paying for that Chanel bag?

  3. That's why it's called a "Wish List" Tom : )

  4. I'd love to see your wish list on my site at Wishlings :)


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