Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Packing Light

Despite the fact that 3 semi walk-in closets barely contain my wardrobe and all its components, I am in fact an efficient packer. For an upcoming destination wedding in the Caribbean, where the weather is hot and the 21st century plane guidelines are not, compact is key.

When the invitation reads 'cocktail attire' this usually indicates a jacket and optional tie for men (a concept the originalists, much like Justice Scalia, do not embrace). Women always have it easy, as a dress will never let you down. I plan to spend little time away from the water, so actual outfits number less than 4, and all fit rolled up into a neat cylindrical log tucked into the side compartment of the trusty boat and tote bag. When all is said and done, the Hubs and I managed to squeeze 5 days worth of beach, dinner, wedding and cocktail attire into one large canvas tote, and a small appendage of a carry on for necessities (in case of lost luggage always bring a bathing suit aboard so your vacation will not be a wash out).

Rolling out the LL Bean luggage brings happy rays of honeymoon memories (the last time said bags were deployed, minus the loss of one wedding band 4 days after the vows in the Atlantic Ocean). Interesting that heading down toward the Equator promises to bring relief from the northern heat that wilts hair, and melts thighs into seat cushions like burning birthday candles against cake frosting. Stay cool!

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