Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mad(?) for Mad Men

Though I tried to get on board the Mad Men fan train (for the fashions, if nothing else) last year, I just couldn't do it. I would inevitably leave the couch mid episode to answer the phone, wash the dishes, or do any myriad of chores to avoid watching the entirety of an hour long chapter. Last Sunday, since I was beginning a week-long staycation between jobs, I thought I'd give it one more try with the season premier. To no avail.

What I do love about the series (and do not need to watch the actual episodes to appreciate) is the costume work. Janie Bryant received an Emmy nomination for her work on the set of Mad Men, and such honor is well deserved. As the EllE Blogs report, Bryant is now launching her own fashion line. Though it will sell only on QVC (I'm not much of a home shopper, excluding those additional 30% off sale emails from J.Crew I jump allover) I hope the line finds its way to some department store shelves come next season.

The iconic 60's sheath and ladylike dressing reaching the mainstream through television is a fabulous turn of events, one that might help rescue America from the slobification currently gripping the nation with an iron fist. While I can't quite tolerate the story lines or saturated arrogance that makes it hard to like any single character on the show, I do love to see the outfits like breaths of fresh air (from an era when the air was in fact fresher, despite the popularity of indoor smoking).

photo credit AMC website

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  1. I do like the series, but can see how some do not. How I would like to live the life!


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