Monday, July 26, 2010

A Wash of Color

As if their iconic trenches and newly chic sportswear under Creative Director Christopher Bailey weren't enough to covet, Burberry's cosmetic line was officially launched earlier this month. Reading about it for months doesn't quite have the same affect as a trip to Nordstroms (home of the launch) and swab of lipstick.

It is perhaps the same psychological phenomena at play as when Chanel lipstick sales soar as the stock market tumbles like a drunken frat boy. But whatever the explanation, the ability to own a piece of a luxury brand creates momentum that transcends economic strata and opens the market to the masses. (The finely etched Nova Check plaid on each buttery cylinder of the lipstick itself is a nice touch to make the connection more tangible.)

As my good friend Christine knows all too well, $30 and a new tube of skin tone altering lipstick can take the biting edge off a 10pm deadline (I like no. 13 Heather best).


  1. that's a great red! on a related note, have you tried the tom ford lipstick yet? i've also been reading about it and this post is making me itch to take a trip to saks to try it out (although i could probably stand NOT to spend $43 on lipstick...)

  2. I agree, $43 seems like a little much for a 2 inch tube of lipstick, but it is Tom Ford....


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