Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Toting Less

For a new job that no longer involves the NYC Subway system, and instead requires my own personal car (a first for me, like many urbanites) some adjustments can be made to my daily routine. The city dweller knows all too well that the forecast determines more than a bad hair day. 'Chance of showers' means proper footwear (rainboots or flip flops?) an umbrella compact enough to pack along with said footwear, and a tote that won't wilt or wither under acidic city rain. Most days, my work bag resembled an overly stuffed holiday ham brimming with supplies for the many scenarios that might require them in the 12 hour work day.

Tomorrow, I relish the chance to pack just a few items in one of my scarcely used, smaller bags for the day ahead. The options one has when 'walking shoes' are no longer necessary and a pair of moderate heels can take you through the day are liberating (perhaps not quite as liberating, though, as the new 8 hour work day which ends at 4pm, can you imagine? I can't.)

Some of fall's cutest bags are modeled after 1950's coin purses and can fit nothing more than a Blackberry and a tube of Clinique almost lipstick. A classic Cole Haan is a nice choice, as is the very urban Marc Jacobs mini satchel. (The Fendi convertible is scrumptious, for a pretty penny even at Bluefly.) Though the day may require a few more necessities, I may try my hand at packing a crossbody mini for the sheer challenge if paring down.


  1. Happy First Birthday to Wearing White After Labor Day!

  2. thank you, yes WWALD is one year old. How time flies!

  3. Congratulations on a blog I can't wait to read every day. Keep the wonderful advice, vision and sense of humor coming!


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