Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Neutral Gear

Ever since Phoebe Philo took the reins at Celine 2 years ago, I've been pleasantly surprised by the brand's allure. Just as she did for Chloe in the late 90's (working with the legendary Stella McCartney) it seems the fashion veteran has revamped the previously stale label into a ripe, fresh treat ready to be plucked.

Camel and black is hardly new, but as you may know by now, I'm not one who is wowed by newness. I have yet to see a combo as compelling, easy to wear, and classic as the 2 tones slapped together like a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Celine has been around since 1945, when it was a children's shoe maker, so the brand has age on its side. A house that can weather the fickle fashion forecasts certainly knows a thing or two about reinvention. Sleek silhouettes in neutral palettes alone don't make for Celine's notoriety, the textile mix of cashmere and leather offset the ultra feminine vibe with spikes of masculinity (which you cannot avoid loving this season). If you, like me, can't quite swing a Celine pencil or knee length pea coat, the mass marketers have their own translation of the fall staples that will fit just right.

photo credit to NY Magazine

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