Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitten Kicks

This weekend, in an effort to cleanse my space, I carted no less than 13 pairs of shoes off to the donation pile when, after trying them on my feet one last time, their narrow, dart like pointy toes reminded me of duck beaks. After several seasons of the soft, subtle, round toes I first fell in love with back in 2005 in a Marc Jacobs store, I just can't lust for a pair of pointy.

Though I'm into all or nothing when it comes to my heel height (whether they be round or pointy), I'm sure many are thrilled to see the reemergence of the kitten heel for fall. Personally, I either need to be able to run around all day and will opt for the classic ballet flat (my favorite 3 years in a row is this Ferragamo staple), or I want to take my pencils up a notch with a solid 3-4 inch pump (the Cole Haan platform is my go to). In between just doesnt fit for me anymore- like wearing sneakers outside of the gym.

But if you, like many, are into the itsy bitsy boost to the ball of the heel, you are in luck this season. (On one of my last days in shoe buying land, I witnessed an argument between the buying director and a junior buyer over the need to actually get on board with the trend for fall, and though the neophyte lost the resistance, I sympathized with her pain over having to be the one to place an order for 1200 pairs.) Even Manolo offers a kitten heel for fall, along with Jimmy Choo, and Louboutin. And for those of us renting 1 bedroom apartments, Nine West and Enzo among many others have affordable versions that will fill your need.

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  1. Thirteen pairs of shoes donated and yet the shoe rack that is taller than me is still full!


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