Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Toast to Taste

No better way to kick off a Labor Day weekend than with a fall shopping spree, and a trip to the green market for all the necessities for a weekend of boats and bbq's. (The former included this sweater and tank from Banana, this skirt and trousers from Loft, and this necklace and silk top from J.Crew, to go with aforementioned bottoms. Fall is the time I break my own rules and pay full price, I can't bear the worry they will sell out of my size). A little threat of a hurricane won't dampen the whole weekend, and will provide a nice excuse to take the Hubs to the movies for the only feature I actually want to see this Summer (no, not Eat, Pray Love).

Planning the party is half the fun, and you can set the tone of the event early on with good old fashioned invitations (I detest the 'Evite' and will never send one. If I'm going to invite you via the Internet, I'll just send you an email). If you love the Evite, but appreciate the beauty of a real invitation, Paperless Post offers a fabulous line of Internet-age invitations that have all the splendor of the real thing. Whether you're hosting or attending this weekend, a nice bottle of Pindar's Sauvignon Blanc is a good choice at a great price (my friends who detest chardonnay and those who love it can all agree on this wine). If your host is like some of my gracious, newly homeowner friends, she may say bring nothing but yourselves. Even when someone tells you that, always show up with something. (If I ever tell you we don't need anything I'm either lying or distracted. Wine is always welcomed.)

Happy Holidays, and please don't pack away the white. Wear if happily once Monday has passed!

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