Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Timeless Tiffany

Its kind of fun these days choosing which bag to carry to work each morning (now that my entire life no longer needs to fit inside, no more risk of stretching Louis Epi leather). 'It' bags change with the season's leaves, but this fall's new totes and clutches have staying power. Tiffany & Co. introduces its first line of bags, complete with the alluring details of its world renowned jewelry.

Created by Robert Lambertson and John Truex (whose brand Tiffany acquired in May 2009), the line features 44 items in all shapes and sizes. Since Tiffany's specific hue of blue is one of the first and most prime examples of color serving as protected, registered trademark, it is only fitting that the color can be found in decadent purse linings and details. Though growing up on the North Shore of Long Island and attending a triple digit number of bat mitzvahs may have jaded me slightly when it comes to the little Blue Box, the sophistication of the new line certainly amps up the lust factor for the fall merchandise (besides, several upcoming new work galas and benefits call for the right measure of timeless accessory). For more info, check out page 129 of September's InStyle. The line landed just in time for the upcoming 1 year wedding anniversary...

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