Monday, August 27, 2012

Manic Monday

There's nothing like an infant with pink eye and a double ear infection suffering at 3am to make one par down on the necessary elements of the morning routine. Outfit? Thankfully OCD about laying out all clothes the night (or 2 before) and as usual, an easy navy jersey dress with large necklace (that makes me smile when I catch its reflection in the mirror) slips on in an instant. Make up? Only what can be applied with one hand- Bare Minerals powder and under eye concealer. Breakfast? Nutri-grain bar eaten over the sink while sick infant clings to leg. If work can be accomplished with the same single handed skills the day will end better than it began.


  1. My husband is a high school special ed teacher and he developed pink eye today! He has gotten it every year, during the first week of school, since he has been teaching!


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