Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fall Preview

The highly anticipated September issues have begun to hit stands, and I've made my way through a few hundred glossy pages of glorious fall tidbits (which requires abandoning all other activities, such as working out, eating, or Bravo in order to carve out time).

In a nutshell, heres what I think so far. Michael Kors sheaths, fur (faux for me), mixed patterns (J.Crew  pictured right, Balenciaga), military (Jason Wu), oxford loafer pumps, deep plum (clothes and nails): good.  Glossy leather (Marni, Gucci), hats, glitter (Louis Vuitton), enormous space suit shaped coats (Jil Sander): not so good. Being forced more than ever to shop for fall in my existing closet, more care needs to be given to choosing new ways to wear not so new clothes (good thing I've always been obsessed with polka dots, tweed, loafers, and Prada.)


  1. I hate that the subscriptions always arrive after they hit the newsstands. I can't wait for all my issues! Congratulations on your new home! There's nothing more exciting!

  2. i looooooove that plum nail polish! I'm going to buy it tomorrow, even though it is still really warm in Seattle. Can't fall come already??


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