Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easternly Breeze

Ahh, the fresh air after a storm, dry as an Arizona afternoon. When late August falls and the morning carries the crisp taste of fall I am always eager to pull out cooler weather staples. But then 1:00 PM rolls around and the usual heat punctures my hopes of 3/4 sleeves and flat, sleek tresses (those of us with thick, naturally curly hair long for 'flat' the way girls with fine, limp locks crave 'volume').

After a rare few days in East Hampton (sans baby), shopping in the stores that have their second location where I live anyway (an indication that perhaps we should pack up and head for a simpler, more affordable part of the country), I have fall fashion fatigue. I know, it seems impossible, but crawling along rt. 27 at 5 miles an hour to get from JCrew to Trata, to Woelffer Estates only to crawl back down the single lane several hours later will bring even the most avid shopper and wine guzzler to their breaking point. The sunflower stands on the side of the road, fresh corn harvested while you wait and open stretches of ocean beach lessen the sting of overcrowding, but the charm has been eroded considerably in the 16 + years since we originally set foot in the east Long Island phenom to ride in the Hampton Classic and sun ourselves in the quiet backyard pool. (A new bright blue feather weight cashmere t not sold in other locations is a nice souvenir, while my sore back is a battle scar of sitting in a practical, family friendly Camry the whole ride back to Nassau County).

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