Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I am slightly obsessive, and a tad compulsive (a problem that has plagued me since early childhood when all the toys had to be stored in size order, by color, and  no homework was ever left until the day it was due, ever). So when I saw a pair of cheetah print loafers in pony hair, with a perfect 3/4 inch heel, I had to find the perfect pair for fall. With the mortgage for the fabulous new house looming overhead, this search requires even more diligence than usual. (Style note: cheetah print footwear is cheesy in a 4 inch stiletto, yet classic and even urban-preppy in a men's style loafer. And it actually goes with most colors for fall- black, red, plum, camel. Treat it like a neutral flat.)

There are many excellent contenders (a few from fairly unlikely sources). The first has been reinventing itself in recent times, turning the corner to compete with the likes of Banana, Ann, perhaps even J.Crew with its Canvas line, and stepped up tailoring of classics. These are pretty great, and south of $100, Lands End hits the mark.

A bit of a stretch for something that won't be worn more than a few times a month (pony hair is not exactly 'durable' or toddler-treated), this pair by Jimmy Choo is fabulous. And one of my favorite veteran footwear brands (Cole Haan) offers their own classic version of this trendy trotter, with the foot-friendly Nike Air that has made their pumps even more popular.

In keeping with the fiscally responsible, mother-before- fashionista model of thought, this pair (from my former Alma mater, Steve Madden) is a pretty great value find, with the added benefit of free shipping from Zappos. Decisons, decisions.

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