Monday, August 13, 2012


Looking through home decor catalogues has become an increasingly time consuming activity these days. Accent walls are a new obsession, and have currently replaced fall tweed my Goggle search bar list.  In an attempt at my (first) DIY home improvement project, I made my first trip to Sherwin Williams (conveniently located next to my neighborhood Starbucks, which makes for deadly impulse buying). Our newly renovated home needs very little actual work, but making it your own requires a certain amount of imprinting of your personal stamp. So one can of Dove gray paint, 2 rolls of painters tape, a roller, touch-up brush and $100 later, I was in the middle of my living room, sweating, and trying not to drip paint on Tucker's favorite Melissa & Doug puzzle board. When I removed the blue tape, I was disappointed to see some imperfections where my perfectly (professionally) painted white moldings where spotted with Dove gray. But maybe a tall houseplant will help hide the tell tale DIY missteps. Otherwise I must say I am very proud!

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