Monday, June 4, 2012

When it Rains....

Seasons have skipped faster like a teenage heart in love, and now the hot weather is here to stay. My hair dryer is about to be packed away til fall in favor of the the humidity-friendly curl cream, and I am learning how to use the temperature control setting on our central air conditioner thermostat to be 'green' without melting away into the 500 count sheets I treated myself too before the first mortgage payment was due.

Life's curve balls have been plentiful these past few weeks, when the day after moving into our brand new, turn-key 4 bedroom home, the husband called informing me he was going in for emergency surgery that night, the infant came down with a double ear infection that resisted 2 forms of antibiotics (a fellow patient then tried to steal my Louis purse from the pediatrician's waiting room), and finally my dad had a major cardiac event this past weekend.  All while holding down a full time job and my reputation as well put together. A true test of friendships, fortitude, and fashion under fire. A new dress and pair of heels help to lift the spirits when the walls around seem to be crumbling, but friends are the rainbow after the storm (and always the best accessory!).

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