Monday, October 1, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I have some strange 'rules' (or preferences) that I adhere to when it comes to getting dressed. And some of them admittedly inspire a deep eye roll, with no logical explanation. (When studying abroad in Australia, I bought 2 identical denim hats from French Connection, one in dark rinse, and one in a lighter wash. For some reason or another, I designated the light hat was a 'weekend' hat, while the darker one could be worn at less restrictive times. And I was serious about that- the rule was never reversed. This also birthed the catchphrase 'weekend hat' to refer to a myriad of my nonsensical fashion stipulations for many years to come).

Another fashion preference: I don't like to mix metals. This goes for hardware on my tote, to the small accent on a shoe or belt buckle color, and includes all jewelry. When I wear my gold watch, I don't like to wear my platinum wedding rings (3 to be exact- cushion cut engagement diamond on platinum band, antique diamond eternity wedding band, and 1st anniversary channel set diamond eternity band). The remedy? Go ringless on those days, or, a classic yellow gold Cartier style (not brand! we are being frugal here people) Rolling Ring.
Ring placed in a dozen anniversary roses

Perfectly fitting my size 4.5 ring finger
And yellow is touted for its mellowing affects anyway, right? So 2 birds, one stone.

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