Monday, October 15, 2012

Turq + Magenta

Bored by most of the 'evening' selection in my closet, a Friday night engagement party at a Long Island beach club presented a challenge (not to mention the utter fatigue that presents itself on your face after a long work week, when attempting to look fresh after 6pm on a Friday becomes quite the obstacle). I often pick one small thing I really want to wear, and then end up planning the rest of the entire outfit around this item. Case in point: turquoise Banana Republic ring from the Trina Turk capsule collection.

Black felt safe and predictable. I hadn't remembered to shave my legs since last weekend, so a dress was out. Separates are different for night, and I'm a big fan of being the only one at a table with a certain look. Magenta pairs really well with turquoise, and black pants seem not so ordinary under this topper (and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark polish is my fall staple). The combo also compliments my freshly highlighted strands!

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