Friday, October 26, 2012

Candy Coated

The November J.Crew Style Guide came in the nick of time. This morning's chill penetrated my blazer, and made me consider my winter coat collection for the impending cold season. Last Christmas, the hubs got me the much sought after cobalt blue Lady Day Coat (my 4th Lady since college), and I love it. But now of course the classic staple is offered in yellow (the varied color choice is how they offer the same item year after year and still manage to create a demand), and somehow I am trying to find a justification to add it to the brimming coat closet. (I'd also love an excuse to buy this winterized version of the preppy double-breasted blazer.) Outerwear is the finishing touch to your outfit as the mercury dips so don't thrown a black puffer on top of a delicate silk dress and assume its OK. And don't bundle up in your North Face and gloves when the weather report predicts a high of 58 (although that may be a NYC subway phenomena that just aggravates me).

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  1. Jcrew's jackets are the best. I have always dreamed of living in a place that would require me to purchase the "thinsulate" version. But really... where I live purchasing any version of the jacket is not really necessary.


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