Friday, October 5, 2012

Bare Necessities

While gearing up for the juice cleanse, I've tried to par down on those foods I consider daily necessities. I have been able to eliminate very little (frozen yogurt, my afternoon cube of cheese, Friday night pizza (still on the fence on the latter, lets see how tonight goes)), and have come to accept the following as staples I am unwilling to part with to make for an ultra effective juice cleanse:

1. Coffee with half and half (I loathe skim milk and would rather drink the green juice all day long).

2. Splenda (it goes on everything from my morning grapefruit to my afternoon hibiscus tea).

3. Wine (try raising a baby and giving up alcohol. I don't recommend it).

Going to the gym more than twice a week is a physical impossibility, so I've taken to activities that I can do without getting up an earlier than Tucker dictates, or lying to get out of work early to hit the treadmill. (This week I dug up and replanted shrubs for 2 hours one day after work while Tucker dug his own hole along side of me. Afterwards, my triceps and forearms ached for 3 days and I felt satisfied).

Life is short so smile today, and do something that makes you happy. My heart is with my dear friend and Gamma Phi big sister Sam Schmitt for her loss, Peter Schmitt will be remembered always by not just his close friends and family, but by all his constituents that he worked so hard for.

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  1. Ah yes wine... a lawyer's way of coping with anything! Good luck with the cleanse hopefully you'll fair better than I


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