Monday, November 9, 2009

Mid-Week Shopping Spree

In anticipation of my shopping trip with my fashionable friend from college tonight, I've been scouting the best boots for fall-winter'09. Though my former roommate's focus is on the knee-high variety, I can't help but stumble across many ankle booties as well (which have become my season favorite). As always, I tried to cover an array of price points to satisfy my cravings, while at the same time placating my Husband (and recognizing that we still share a studio apartment).

For those fashion gurus who need not look at price tags, these knee highs from Chloe are irresistible. These Burberry equestrian boots are reminiscent of the pair I spent every weekend wearing during my horse back riding career, and I can never get enough of those images. Though I can't get on board with the whole over-the-knee boot, these by Modern Vintage are the least offensive of the variety that I've come across. No one does elegance with edge quite like Christian Louboutin. Those trademarked red soles never fail to deliver effortless chic. These round toe ankle booties are no exception. My friend loves Giuseppe Zanotti (she wore a super hot pair to my wedding) so she may like these knee-highs, though they cost a months rent. Some sacrifies are worth it.

For the price conscious, yet not too restricted, I love these Tory Birch ankle booties. The rounded toe is fresh, the heel is high, and they go day to night seamlessly. No one does equestrian better than Ralph Lauren, and these field boots are very well priced. If you must buy over-the-knee, these Dolce Vitas are well priced and cute, if you fold down the upper portion of leather.

For those who have yet to land a job in this economy, share a studio apartment with their significant other, or spent all their money on the new Louis bag and have none left, there are some very well priced options for a little indulgence. The new low cowboy booty reminds again of those barn days, and I love this affordable pair by Lucky. These knee-highs by Marc Fisher are super cute (and even cuter because of the price). For an edgy little pair of booties, these Kennith Cole's are south of $100 and can be worn with skirts or pants.

And no matter how plump or paltry your wallet is, everyone needs rain boots for those wet, damp city commutes that inevitably engulf the months of January and February. My very favorite are the classic Burberry rubber boots, which I've had since college. If you want to wear a Burberry raincoat, don't want to look like a giant plaid pillow and , these Michael Kors boots hardly look like they're built for the weather. If you really want to camouflage your rain boots, these London Fogs are ridiculously cute, and 100% waterproof. (I'm just not that into hot pink rain boots with critters on them. But as always, wear what you like!) Counting the hours til shopping time.


  1. I guess this is the perfect time to confess that I tried to cram my size 8 1/2 feet into those fabulous Burberry rubber rain boots!

  2. Tall boots make for some great looks, but it's sad that so few styles run wide enough to fit a cyclist's calves.

  3. They make varieties for all calves, especially the equestrian calf, which as you know, can be quite muscular :)


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