Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heavy Footing

My affinity for the 90's extends as far as Greenday, and perhaps the occasional plaid mini skirt, but no further. I am slightly perplexed by the reemergence of a style I thought was surely left in a heap among the archived rubble of the prior decade. But you can hardly open a clothing catalogue or flip through a spring fashion magazine without a pair of clogs staring you in face.

They may be dolled up a bit with some bling, and some have gotten a tapered nose job for a sleeker silhouette, but at the core, they are all still clogs, circa 1990. Elle, Harpers, and Lucky may rave about their comeback and egg readers to run out and snag a pair before they are all sold out in the ever popular size 6, but I'm not rushing anywhere. I tried on a pair at work to see if perhaps the addition of a foot to the empty shell would bring a certain life and style to the article, but to no avail. This wouldn't be the first trend I can't get on board with (I refuse to wear underwear as outerwear, I still do not own a pair of actual leggings, and don't get me started on denim leggings, or 'jeggings', as Kelly Cutrone called them last week).

If you, unlike me, are only too happy to slip your toes into a piece of the past, there are a plethora of clunky, amped up versions for Spring. Jessica Simpson (appropriately, speaking of remnants of early decades,) has a selection, as do Steve Madden, Cole Haan, and Nine West. I'll stick to peep toes and stacked heel sandals when the warm winds whirl.


  1. As much as I hate their clunky look, clogs are excellent for slogging through mud at the barn.
    Once they've achieved this purpose, into the garage they go.

  2. I agree, just say no to clogs


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