Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Legally Speaking

I had to get Online early today before work to see what all the Anti-Piracy fuss was about, and I it seems all web services are voicing their sentiments against the legislation quite emphatically. Having spent a majority of my time in law school studying IP and its implications for the fashion world and some time at practice responding to cease and desist orders and the like, I am a little surprised by the huge backlash flying around like 80's Aquanet hairspray fumes.

I've posted about this many times over the past few years (see my archives) and never find the issue cut and dry. But the new Bills before Congress (Stop Online Piracy Act (House Bill 3261), and Protect IP Act) sound more like the nerdy, idealistic clubs from my law days than passable law. The hungry vendors on Canal Street in Downtown Manhattan that would smell my wallet as I tried desperately to get from the 6 train to class without having to hiss at their gorilla sales tactics are reminder enough of why anti-piracy law should be tightened up (they can use my Gucci belt for added emphasis). I understand the fear Online, but the economic famine they predict flowing from such legislation is a bit dramatic, as the regulations are not as draconian as Google's blacked-out homepage graphic might suggest. As I tell my mother when she tries to belt every sweater she owns, or my 8 month old when he tries to devour the whole jar of apples after dinner: Everything in moderation people!

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