Monday, October 19, 2009


In the post-wedding season, I've heard numerous complaints from former bridesmaids who have amassed a staggering collection of uniform-like dresses which they vow never to wear again. (Happily for them, this is not a problem for my 3 bridesmaids who chose their own gowns with the only guidelines being floor length and black, as pictured here, captured by my amazing photographer, Kim Cousins.)

For those not fortunate enough to be able to select their own frock for the occasion, there are many ways to update your bridesmaid dress in an effort to establish your own style and get the most out of the money you've spent pleasing your now married friend. I myself am now the proud owner of a handful of the standard, strapless issued numbers that often find themselves banished to the depths of the closet. Though I have yet to wear one such dress (above the knee, pockets, full skirt, fitted bodice, in fuchsia) I have already prepared the revival. At Ann Taylor, I found the perfect wide, black patent wrap belt to cinch the waist and add flair (think of the pink Oscar de la Renta party dress that Carrie Bradshaw wore to the ballet with Alexander Petrovsky when she fainted over his overly romantic gestures and they instead ended up at McDonald's).

Another method of revival is a trip to the tailor. That below the knee number that makes you look more like a modest librarian than a hot party goer can easily be transformed with a new hemline, about 5 inches north of where it currently falls. Or if the strapless aspect is just not for you, find a coordinating fabric at a store and have the tailor sew in thin straps (think of black patent, dark satin, or any other fabric, it doesn't need to match, just coordinate).

As for my own wedding dress, I plan to dye it slate gray and rock it to a black tie affair in the future (minus the chiffon train). I was thinking ahead when dropping that kind of money.

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  1. I'm going to find that black belt and add it to a few of my dresses, Love it!


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