Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Timeless Twins

Layers serve many purposes. They can add warmth, provide options for uncertain climates, give the wearer 2 looks with one outfit. But the very epitome of the layered look, the twinset, has gotten a bad wrap with the younger generation. The New York Times Style Magazine featured a small clip about this iconic sweater set in an effort to revive its long lived reputation.

Style icons such as Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelley were often photographed donning the twinset. (On an interview last week, the owner of the company told me I looked like Grace Kelly. Since I am brunette and look nothing like her, I knew he referred to my outfit, and of course there is no bigger compliment you can pay me than to compliment my ensemble). Really the twinset is the fashion workhorse that spans generations, crosses style bridges, and defines one's overall sense of dressing to tell others that you care about your appearance, and are polished. What other item can say all that?

The cardigan and matching underpiece were born in the 1940's to replace more formal frocks that were in vogue at the time. From there, designers have replicated the traditional combo and added seasonal details, new necklines, and fresh adornments. Pringle of Scotland offers this argyle combo in uber-expensive cashmere. Or for a more reasonable price there is J.Crew's stalwart, the Jackie cardigan and matching shell (I have it in 3 colors). Right now Ann Taylor offers several mix and match options with embellished collars and hem lines. When you can find nothing to wear to an important meeting, a job interview, a client luncheon, or brunch with your boyfriend's family, the twinset hangs in the closet like an old friend, loyal and always reliable to fill the order.


  1. I wear a twinset to court quite often! Great if it gets warm and you need to take off the cardigan.

  2. As long as you can buy one that is fitted and cute, and not granny-like. But Ive seen a lot that are younger and far cuter tahn in the past.


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