Monday, October 26, 2009

Mid-Week Shopping Spree

It's that time of year again, the time when colorful wool blazers begrudgingly will no longer cut it as outerwear, and actual coats must be brought to the forefront of the closets. After much discussion over wine, and a flurry of email exchanges with my friend Christine, I think I have amassed an expansive selection of contenders.

First there are the Park Avenue Broads. These are the coats that we would all love to have (some of us will), but most of us must limit our exposure to these to mere admiration, and the occasional spotting while trotting through midtown on an errand. One such illusive icon is the classic Burberry number, whose trademarked checks have been updated with fresh color. Another lovely star is this cobalt blue Gucci zip front (which probably wouldn't keep you warm if you actually had to wear it outdoors, but its not always about utility). I can't help but gaze longingly at this Oscar de la Renta cloak in all its burgundy glory.

Next are the Gramercy Park Ladies. These are options that, if you are employed, unencumbered by children or a husband that insists on auditing your charge receipts, can be feasible. I love this Mackage coat, with its jacquard detail and fitted silhouette. Tory Burch's red zipper jacket is very flattering and will go with everything (except pink, but I suggest rethinking any outfit that involves pink pants to begin with, unless you are perhaps vacationing in Nantucket).

Finally we have the Murry Hill Girls. Here are coats that can be obtained with little financial maneuvering, and merely going a week or so without a trip to the Bloomingdales sale rack, or the Shoe Box on your way home from work. A classic in this category is the J.Crew Lady Coat. I have mentioned this coat in a previous post, and it remains a steadfast ally in winter. I really like my winter coat to have some special detailing that makes it unique, since it will be the most utilized of all cold weather clothing. This Soia & Kyo coat from Bluefly is very well priced, and offers just the right amount of style while still being neutral enough to top off any ensemble. The universally flattering trench coat is offered in a plaid wool at Banana Republic, with a price tag that won't hit the wallet too hard. For those who, like me, may not be currently employed but cannot foresee going through winter without a new coat, there are some offerings south of $200 that still provide style and the much sought after thrill. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you can be fashionable and warm all season long.


  1. Actually the Oscar de la Renta confection would be quite warm due to its alpaca content. Maybe I'm just trying to justify spending over $3,000 on a coat! - Bunnie

  2. I'm a Murray Hill girl!!


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