Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Stripes

Reminiscent of pleasant things, such as candy canes, our Country's flag, or an afternoon sail, stripes are a welcome trend in 2009. 2 parts preppy, one part nautical, one part modern, even a small part edgy, stripes are fashion workhorses. They provide an optical illusion for some, can act as camouflage for others, and are easy to wear when a few easy steps are followed.

Horizontal stripes seem to be all the rage. Unfortunately, these are the species that require a small consideration before donning. For those lucky enough to be endowed on top, please avoid wide, starkly contrasting varieties which will stretch in the wrong places and create a 'melon effect' that is not appropriate for walking the streets in day light. (Exhibit A would be this wide striped Gap top. Cute on the model but not so cute on the well endowed.) If you instead wish not to draw attention to the belly (the female Achilles heel after a certain age), don't choose a super fitted top, opt rather for a fuller cut with modest stripes which won't sit on problems areas or stretch over extra skin.

What better way to prepare for the new boat my parents purchased than by stocking up on some nautical stripes for the season? Ive already spotted a few pieces I can't resist. What makes it even sweeter is that many striped garments come in easy to wear (and light on the Louis wallet) cotton blends. This Gap knit is only $9.99, and the little pocket gives it extra detail. A classic Lacoste in stripes will always be in style. Paired with weekend jeans and flats, it'll be a go-to outfit for fall Saturdays. An nice evening choice is this Michael Stars number with lurex for a touch of sheen. For an option that goes to work as well as weekend duty, this Ella Moss tunic is a good additive. My very favorite striped top is a Club Monaco knit I bought on sale in spring of 2005 and have been wearing ever since. When you find one you like, snatch it up!


  1. Nautical is my favorite look

  2. Hey Christina! I'm a huge lover of stripes and they are almost a staple of mine for each season!!! Can't wait to see your place in Manhattan, how exciting!

  3. I love your nautical outfits!


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