Sunday, September 16, 2012


A new house, a new season, a new invitation- whatever the occasion, the quest for something new (outfit, throw pillow, ankle booties) is a thrill. When on a budget, the urge to buy fabulous things is no different. The source for those items, however, is adjusted. While Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn or Anthropologie might be my go-to's for a quick accent piece, I've discovered the joys of Amazon (not quite for furniture- a wine rack that seemed too good to be true was exactly that- it arrived in 100 pieces, I sweat like pavement in the sun assembling it for 3 days, and still ended up with 3 leftover screws, and it tilts left when you put any bottles of wine in it.)

Sherman Williams Emerald paint in Serious Gray on left wall, and Morning Fog on center wall
But for small touches, I have had much success using the website. The zebra pillows, citron pillows, throw rug, and avocado table lamps totaled less than $300 in all. I painted myself, and installed the drapes with the help of a local handyman (who knows how to find a 'stud' to attach the screws anyway?). The bookcases and couch are carry overs from our first 'real' apartment, purchased with wedding funds (the later stained with remnants of Tucker's newborn months, but nicely camouflaged in the beige suede). So I consider it my first successful DIY, and perhaps not my last either.

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  1. The room looks amazing. And I absolutely love the gorgeous tree in your front yard. It helps make the room look peaceful. Fabulous job, friend!


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