Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Finds

Though the economy is on the rebound (right?) September sales indicate retailers are either trying to move through deep buys, or have changed their merchandising strategy and planned for such sales (they would probably prefer consumers perceive the latter). No matter the reason, my custom made closet has enjoyed the trend. With a brand new mortgage to match that brand new closet, I have had to tighten the belt more than ever (and the added challenge that my lawyer Hubby has been without a job for several months further complicates my love of fall fashion).

Often I find pieces on sale soon after they hit the racks for the first time when consumers feel the article has some fit issue. These can range from running small, to pulling at the armholes, to being just unflattering to the average figure. When I see this, I can usually find an easy solution and thus enjoy scoring a great find at a fraction of the typical retail price. The above necklace was just $20 from Banana because the clasp had a small dent in it, and since its uber long you don't need to undo the clasp ever, so whats the problem?

Always a fan of the flapper dress, I scored this frock for under $40 (paired with a medium width black belt to give it more form, as the comments suggested it was otherwise shapeless). And for a May wedding in Napa I couldn't resist this teal number from Ann reduced from $168 to less than $50 with all discounts applied.

I've also been lusting after the Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton polka dot pumps. The vintage chic look paired with a pair of modern straight pants is just right for work or evening. But of course $300+ shoes are not in the cards for me right now. While I wouldn't voluntarily enter an Aerosoles store, my 62 year old mother dragged me in, and luckily I am (mildly) open-minded because there sat the perfect polka dot pair, on sale, looking nothing like the stale, frumpy brand I had remembered. So add those to my list of victories. There is no point is getting out of bed each day if you can't find joy in getting dressed!

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