Sunday, September 9, 2012

Melting Pot

The calendar says September, but the mercury says late July. Friday evening, at an event for work I spent the better part of the summer planning, all went fabulously except for the one factor beyond my control: the heat.

The day went smoothly enough, with the wrench in the plan being my 15 month old waking up with a resurgence of pink eye and a fever (one plus to having the hubs jobless is that he can tend to such matters without me rearranging 4 meetings and a 120 person event at work). Solving problems and practicing diplomacy from 7:30-12, the day was then punctuated by a visit from said infant and husband since the latter can't give eye drops so well (where by I administered the drops in full work attire, sitting in my desk chair while asking my 12:00 meeting if they could possibly wait 3 minutes).

3:30 rolled around, time to run home, change out of eye drop stained work dress into a different, stain free event dress (cobalt Ann sheath, on its 3rd wear since originally purchased for Auction Gala last May).  Quick flatiron to the hair, dose of amoxicillin for baby, new list of evening instructions for the husband, and back to work. Guests arrived at 7, and by 7:25 my once frizz free locks had grown into full blown shrubbery. How to stay effortlessly chic in 90 degree heat and 80% humidity? I can tell you the commercials declaring you can 'defy humidity' with Nexxus or Granier are without merit. I could see people melting around me, not to mention the perfectly placed cheese display which was glistening like a rare gem with damp heat. I have said it before, but I am so ready for Fall!

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