Friday, June 28, 2013

Storage Solutions

Taking a tip from Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere, I spent a few moments of my 'precious toddler weekend nap time' to organize my delicate necklaces (that always end up snagged and tangled and thus not wore as often as I'd like).

I have a small yet special collection of drop earrings (the turquoise pair at the far left has survived summer rentals on both Nantucket and the Jersey Shore with college friends), and each necklace here was a gift with a particular memory attached (for example, the large diamond horseshoe was from my grandmother, many years ago. The smaller ones were added after by my parents and I like to wear them at the same time). Organizing is sometimes like rediscovering things you forgot you had!

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  1. hi just dropping by, saw you in sverve, new follower here! by the way, i love drop earrings to, these are unique, very nice, and a cool way to store them, gotta do this too, my stuff are scattered in cans and cant find the others, lol. thanks for the idea christina!



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