Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Jean Jacket

When paring down, stick to the real basics, those piece you cant get through an entire week, let alone a whole season, without wearing. In cleaning out my closet (what my husband refers to as a sisyphean task) I realized that I have owned the same Gap denim jacket since college, and I've never even thought about replacing it. It goes with everything (I shoved it into by already exploding carry-on for our CA trip at the very last minute before dashing out at 5 am to catch out car to the airport, and ended up wearing it every single day of the trip, as illustrated below).

Jean jacket + printed floral shorts for brewery tour and tasting at Lagunitas

Though I love this jacket dearly, it may be time to add a new member to my closet family. Saturation is key- the dark the more potential for wearing after sunset- as is cut (too boxy keeps it too casual to pair with a fun floral dress, while too fitted is equally unflattering).
A bit pricey at $189, but love this Paige denim option

Love this Gap classic
Old Navy always has a well priced option these days

Where and when did you buy your favorite jean jacket?

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