Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to Nature

In an effort to rid my home of all parabens, chemicals, and anything else toxic, I invested in some new products (which is really the most fun part of this whole purge). Baby (or now I really should call him 'toddler') has been organic and 100% natural since birth, so he was the easy family member. Husband eats and uses anything placed in front of him, and requires only things be 1) easy to figure out and 2) inexpensive.

For me, the Clinique had to go. Too many labels contained more than one type of paraben, and many other ingredients I couldn't pronounce. Luckily I have a new love: Tarte. Their BB primer is the single best beauty product I have tried in recent memory, and the $34 is fairly reasonable in the given market. Their entire line is paraben free (and all the other natural bells and whistles). Always a fan of the ever-popular palettes (flash back to my junior year college roommate and her Trish McEvoy 'binder' of cute, perfectly sized eye and cheek color that inspired me to run out and buy the same) this Tarte kit is the 100% natural alternative.

eye palette in chic clutch packaging
BB cream in light
For skincare I am less loyal, and prefer to alternate my products almost daily (my skin, like my hair, is always a work in progress). For now, I am happy with Burts Bees (the tomato tonic) and the whole line of Juice Beauty organic cleaners, lotions, and serums (try this green apple peel). Hopefully I wont miss parabens!

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