Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Breeze

Ahh, the tantalizing month of April. Where bare toes freeze during the morning commute, but by 2:00 pm, closed-toe shoes are a disappointing choice. Dresses bring goose bumps, but tights are too 'winter'. And add to the usual early spring clothing chaos the additional obstacle of dressing a 10 1/2 month old for the same challenges (not to mention his new 'walking shoes' require an array of special 'dress' socks until its warm enough for the adorable size 4 Sperry's).

Being around school-aged children in my daily routine these days ends up confusing me more than providing inspiration or pangs of longing for high school. Exceptionally short skirts seem seasonless, as do those Uggs, more reminiscent of a mascot still wearing half his costume than a stylish footwear choice. I enjoy a voluminous infinity scarf more than most, but come April, I don't see the utility in wrapping one made of wool snugly around a bare neck, especially paired with a tank top. But maybe now that my days in my 20's are numbered, there are some things I will never again understand.

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