Friday, March 1, 2013

In Vogue (In Home)

The flexibility to work from home when needed is just one on a long list of reasons that I love my new (ish) job. This of course required a bit of reorganization in the newly finished master bedroom suite, since, while the hubby's home office is all decked out, my own space was yet to exist.

With a budget smaller than my toddler's shoe size, it was a difficult task. But thanks to Amazon and other such fabulous helpers, I was able to purchase all necessary items for less than $150 (which of course, meant I had to assemble every last piece of furniture myself).  The bits of personal style (wedding pictures, a note attached to flowers my husband sent to me at my first day at my first job after law school, my first mothers day card from baby Tucker) are essential to work productivity, as is the Christian Dior Little Dictionary of Fashion, which was a Christmakah gift from my college roomie, Hayley, several years ago. Other than causing need for a mid-week manicure (have you ever had to peel off 15 package labels and then assemble a desk with drawers from scratch?), my project was a success.

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