Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Impulse Buy

To some, an impulse buy may be a pack of gum or recent issue of People while waiting in line at the grocery store. For me, it can be anything from a fabulous pair of shoes, to a miraculous under-eye concealer the perfectly airbrushed looking Clinique saleswoman talked me into. This week, it was a neutral clutch that, while fairly impractical for my life as a working mother, is just amazingly cool.

 Merona clutch, $19.99 at Target 
Ann Taylor houndstooth cashmere and leather gloves (gifted)
J.Crew double-cloth Lady coat in cobalt

I desperately need a party, luncheon or date night to use this new neutral beauty. Any offers?


  1. Wow this is from Target??? I know what my next impulse buy will be!


  2. Love this clutch! So fab!


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