Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's OK Thursday

It's OK Thursday Link-up

It's OK....

To leave a super bowl party before the game is actually over (once the eating is done I lose interest fast)

That walking to and from my car has counted as exercise this week (some weeks, life in the suburbs as a working mom to a very demanding toddler forces one to cut out many activities classified as 'me time' aka the gym)

To cancel lunch plans with a friend because you are dying to try a new Weight Watchers frozen meal you got from Fresh Direct, and want to save points for a second glass of wine after dinner


  1. ah yes, i skip lunch a lot bc 1. i bought the meal, 2. i want to eat it and 3. i need to save calories for wine and chocolate

  2. Hahah this cracked me up - I agree it gets so difficult to make time to workout - its hard enough to do it without the added stress of the guilt factor of not being with your toddler, and having to make arrangements, etc. My husband always seems to find the time though, interesting how that works!

    Btw, totally worth saving the calories for that wine!



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