Thursday, November 29, 2012

Its OK Thursday

Its OK Thursday Link-Up

It's OK.....

That I cried driving home from work yesterday

To skip the gym multiple days this week, justifying that I will drink Slimfast shakes for lunch the first week at the new job because I'm pretty sure I'll have no friends to eat lunch with anyway

That I spent more money on cases for my new iPhone than I did on the iPhone itself

To attempt to drink a white wine spritzer instead of straight wine in an attempt to save calories, only to end up drinking twice as much wine as I would have if drinking it normally

That at tonight's Brooks Brothers cocktail reception for work I won't actually buy anything, but will have multiple cocktails

To spend more time planning Tucker's outfit for our cocktail party this weekend than I did on my own

That I ignored several work phone calls and emails to write this post

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