Friday, November 9, 2012

New Discoveries Online

So much time indoors these past 10+ days has given me much time to scour the Internet for the most random things. Some embarassingly ridiculous (a monogrammed toothbrush holder?) and others chic and astoundingly affordable (this two-toned clutch pictured below for just $28 from a Website I don't know why I didn't know about sooner, C Wonder).  A website where I can buy all forms of apparel, home goods and free shipping? Love at first sight.

I'm going to need another closet room pretty soon to accommodate the number of cuffs I seem to be adding to my collection a rapid pace, but no worries, there's always room for more. (And where I used to collect 'C' monograms on anything I could wear or carry, I now get a 'T' without exception).

And then I became obsessed with finding a new serving tray for an upcoming gathering, and this one  seems good enough to plan parties around.

To serve the obligatory cheese (obligatory because I love all varieties of cheese and will eat it all night long) this pineapple board is beyond cute, and makes me think of my friend Cara who loves pineapples.

And though by night's end the glasses will inevitably end up on all surfaces in the house without coasters, I will start off with good intentions and place these on most table tops I can think of.

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  1. Great website! I love the red/black wool ballet flats!


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